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Range Finder Sensor

The range finder Sensor is adjustable rangefinder that stores and tracks the range of a specific distance from a specific location, it can help you to find a parking spot without having to rely on your navigation system. The range finder Sensor is further adjustable to 1-foot and 5-inch heights.

Sick TIM361-2134101 Laser Range Finder

Sick TIM361-2134101 Laser Range Finder

By SICK Sensor Intelligence


NEW Arccos 360 Gen 2 Golf Club No Subscription Sensors

NEW Arccos 360 Gen 2

By Arccos Golf


Metal Wire Detector Ultrasonic Rangefinder

4 In 1 Digital Wall

By allsun


Pin Sensor Slope Switch For Rechargeable Hunting Outdoor

6X Golf Range Finder Pin

By Unbranded


– 600 Yard Laser Range Finder W/target Sensor
Module Short Distance Sensor Ip65 Iic For Arduino

TFmini Plus LiDAR Range Finder



No Return

Radio shack Golf Scope Range

By Radio shack


Sensor Module Single-point Measurement Tof Module Tf-luna

TOF Lidar Range Finder Sensor

By Unbranded/Generic


Sound 2667426

NEW DEWALT DW0150 1 1/2"

By Unbranded


Laser Range Finder Sensor

The concepts garage parking Sensor adjustable rangefinder is a first rate substitute to improve your shooting conditions, this device can be used to adjust the range of a gun to better match the operative range of your vehicle. The Sensor also allows you to anticipate an obstacle or target and adjust the range accordingly, this valuable tool can also be used to assess range when shooting in tight spaces or when aiming targets. The vex robotics ultrasonic range finder kit is an unrivaled choice to find exact distance to a specified target, this kit includes 5 sensors that can be connected in various ways to create a variety of reports and analyses. The kit also includes an instruction booklet and $50, the vex robotics ultrasonic range finder kit is a fantastic add-on to your robotics design process. The range finder Sensor is an adjustable rangefinder that allows you to find your parking spot a half mile or more in all weather conditions, this Sensor is produced from durable plastic and metal construction to ensure reliable use and keep you from getting hurt. The range finder is available in multiple colors and extends a short and long range to ensure you get the job done right, the plus range finder Sensor is superb for use with an arduino to measure your range with confidence. This low-cost range finder is basic to order and is outstanding for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who wants to improve their outdoor map knowledge, with an easily read screen and a short range, this Sensor is best-in-the-class for when you need to determine the approximate location of something quickly.